2nd Transnational Project Meeting at Greece

The 2nd INTELed project meeting was successfully hosted by the University of Piraeus
Research Center (UPRC) at Piraeus, Greece, on the 7th and 8th May 2018 at the premises of the University of Piraeus.

During the meeting, all project partners were represented and the agenda included the
presentation of the project’s progress. In particular, partners discussed the activities
that have been accomplished so far in the last six months of the project lifecycle, as well as, the forthcoming activities of the second year.

In this context, the work that has been done in relation to the INTELed Pedagogical
Framework for SEN Education and the Methodological approach model for the teacher
training has been presented. In addition, partners thoroughly discussed their plans in
relation to the INTELed teachers’ recruitment process, the teacher training events and the
school pilots that will take place from September 2018 onwards. The dissemination tools
of the project were also discussed with a special focus on the development of the INTELed
Community of Practice that will share the best practices in applying the INTELed
pedagogical and training method. The meeting concluded with the demonstration of one
kinect-based game which was developed by the Cyprus Interaction Lab (CIL) of Cyprus
University Technology, for promoting students’ understanding in geometry, within inclusive educational settings.

Overall, the meeting was characterized by high motivation as well as by a friendly and
collaborative atmosphere.

The next project meeting is planned for January 2019 at Palermo, Italy.